Karin Pereg - Sales and Trade Manager

Karin Pereg is responsible for commerce, trade relations and sales achievement. She comes with a strong background in sales expertise as one of a senior sales manager at leading cellular companies in Israel.

High negotiation skills together with interpersonal abilities are what make Karin a tough and talented sales and commerce manager.

Karin holds Strong relationship with the trade and market leadership and manages a high performance sales teams and a sub-distributor operation, leading them to be No. 1 and to achieve all brands goals and targets.

Karin is well known as competitive personality. She is consistent and has the ability to chase her target until she gets it. With strong, active leadership, innovative sales approaches and high ability to analyze the situation, she manages to ensure high level of achievements.



בלואייז בע''מ, רחוב ברקת 9, פתח תקווה 4934829. טל. 03-5329557 פקס. 03-5329593