Netanela Pinhas - Business Development and Marketing Manager

Netanela is responsible for the Business development department and the PharmaHub model which includes all processes from locating the product, through building the business and brand plan and launching the product.

After 6 years' experience in the consumer health market, she has strong knowledge on worldwide and local trends and high ability to choose the products which have the best potential to be successful in the Israeli market.

Netanela is excellent in market analysis and understanding, strategic thinking and strong consumer understanding.

She Brings innovative and fresh approach and has strong know how in the most advanced marketing approaches which leads her to build, accurate, targeted business and brand plans in the most high level.
Netanela Pinhas

בלואייז בע''מ, רחוב ברקת 9, פתח תקווה 4934829. טל. 03-5329557 פקס. 03-5329593