Rinat Oz - Operational Manager

Rinat Oz is responsible for all operational functions in the company. With 17 years' experience in finance and logistic, she bring to the company effective and well planned working models which keep all departments synchronized and well operated.

with strong know how in import, distribution and warehousing, Rinat leads 2 warehouses. One is in-house which holds all contact lenses and lens care solutions and the second is an out-source operation which holds all pharmaceuticals medicine and CE consumer health products.

With more than 100,000 SKU's, Rinat manage to lead her team to maximum efficiency and accuracy and minimum mistakes.

She uses very sophisticated, innovative and smart models to perform the right analyzing which leads to smart stock management.

Rinat is well known for her leadership skills and she manages to use the right approach between financial operation and costumers relations demands.


בלואייז בע''מ, רחוב ברקת 9, פתח תקווה 4934829. טל. 03-5329557 פקס. 03-5329593