Our Divisions

Optic Division:

The Optic division is a Vision Care center specializing in branded and private label vision solutions.

The Optic division has formed strong ties with optometrists, ophthalmologists and has established itself as a key player in the eye care field.

 Since it's established, Blueyes effectively built the contact lens category within all retail chains across Israel, implementing successful marketing activities and promotions. The results were superb: since Blueyes penetrated the market, contact lens use has grown by 30%.

 Blueyes is the exclusive representative of 2 leading contact lenses companies:

 -    Sauflon Pharmaceuticals - an innovative British company who produces the most advanced vision correction contact lenses and LCP's. 

 -    Gelflex Ltd- Unique Australian Company that specialized in colored contact lenses with wide range of colorful, trendy and special contact lenses, as well as custom made lenses.  

Blueyes work with all optic chain and leading optic private stores, investing both on Sauflon and Gelfelx brands in the private market as well as expert in producing and marketing the private label brand for the chains.  

Currently, Blueyes is interesting in expending her portfolio and adding new, innovative products that are suitable to the optic market.

PharmaHub Division:

 The PharmaHub is a business development center specializing in consumer health solutions

The PharmaHub division is an innovative working model which allows Blueyes to combine its strong know-how in the local market together with strong relation with local distributors in order to build well known, successful brands in Israel.

Blueyes works with 6 sub-distributors, each has it's own specialty in the health world and have the ability, knowledge and resources to build brands. The categories of specialties are:

–        Women’s health and care

–        Child health and care

–        Dermatology and esthetics

–        C&C&A

–        Family practice and General pharmacy

–        Food supplements and VTM

–        Private Label 

–        Vision care

  The PharmaHub model identifies and sources products that answer strong needs in the Israeli market and steer them to the right sub-distributor that is most suitable to market the brand and meet the parent company’s demands.

The PharmaHub actually help companies find their way on the roadmap of the Israeli market: While Blueyes is responsible on analyzing the market, building the business plan, register and import the products, the sub-distributor, under Blueyes ministration, responsible on the sales and marketing activities.

PharmaHub is the answer for manufactories that looking for a partner in the Israeli market:

בלואייז בע''מ, רחוב ברקת 9, פתח תקווה 4934829. טל. 03-5329557 פקס. 03-5329593