Our Strengths

It’s not just one or two traits we pride ourselves on. We believe the driving force and the true reason for our success is our ability to combine our strengths and use them to both our partners’ advantage and ours:

 We build categories. We don't focus only on sales or products, but on marketing of brands. We make all the efforts to fully understand the environment of the market and then try to increase its size and consumers' usage. Our founder Estee Rosen’s proven track record, allows us to utilize her deep understanding of the market, recognize and delve into a category’s true potential and elevate it to an outstanding market share.

 We are very selective. All of our products are innovative, advanced and manufactured to the highest quality. We fully analyze every product we want to represent. We choose our products only after realizing their market potential and evaluating their possible acceptance by customers. We also cooperate with retailers such as optic store chains as well as pharmacists and other professionals through this method to ensure each product and category we take on, will get the best prospects of success.

 We believe in relationship. We have broad networking in the consumer health market and a strong knowledge of both the private and public sector, and this is extremely beneficial for the products we represent. These relationships also allow us to introduce new products quickly and efficiently and always keep a close relationship with our customers and suppliers. 

 We are very enthusiastic and ambitious. We aim to be the leaders or at least have a significant role. We always think outside the box yet keep strategy as an intrinsic part of the process. We bring a lot of in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of the market, consumer behavior, retail environments and merchandising challenges, yet we like to keep our spirit fresh with insights, ideas and understanding.

 We are professionals. Our values are integrity, transparency, partnership, security and loyalty. We are pragmatic thinkers and have a strict way of doing things; we enjoy financial strength and ensure everything is well documented and reported. Above all, we use our passion and experience to craft each brand we represent into something truly differentiated. 

 We streamline the registration process
All pharmaceutical, medical devices and food supplement products in Israel must be registered by the Ministry of Health. As a part of our policy, we assume responsibility for all registration elements and carry out the whole process, as needed. What’s more, once registrations are completed, we keep in constant contact with the Ministry of Health for the purpose of streamlining the process of updating or the licensing renewal.


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