The way we work

Our partnerships has been built on the basis of strong strategic planning taking into account our partners most relevant products, market needs, prior success rates, target audiences and current and future market forecasts. We diligently study our partners’ strengths as well as their company values, and use these, together with our experience, local market knowledge and strong networking, to create the best possible brand penetration strategy. We constantly keep our focus on both our partners’ interests as well as the end consumers, to further advance the brands as well as our future partnership.

 We employ the methods of a large corporation, yet we have a start-up’s enthusiasm 

 Coming from a corporate background means we utilize the most organized and precise methods. We document every stage, use the most thorough analysis and work in parallel with the strictest methodologies our partners require, yet our way of thinking is non-conformist and we believe in constantly combining intelligence with imagination. Our compact size and our will to grow means we can afford to be bold. 

 We communicate

 We speak the “language” of each and every client and company we work with. We know that to create successful brands, you need to have complete transparency and collaboration with your partners as well as end consumers, whether they’d be doctors, optometrists, opticians, optic chains and pharma, pharmacists or the general public.

We believe in long-term relationships

 We believe our achievements in market penetration and growth can be credited to the fact that we focus on more than just distribution or sales. We believe in creating long-term partnerships; ones that allow us to work in complete cooperation and openness, and which contribute to creating mutual growth and success. Part of this partnership strategy is choosing to select only a handful of partners, to allow us to fully commit to each and every product, brand or vision we represent. 

 We focus on the now so we can succeed in the future

 Today, we continue to track international companies for new and fast growing segments, with the objective of creating partnerships that will introduce new brands to an innovation-hungry, open-minded market in Israel. 


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